Growing up appreciating the Quran and Sunnah will ensure that your child follows the correct path. It is also a source of pleasure, honor, and delight for any Muslim parent to watch their children acquire an interest in the Quran.

Muslim Tutor Spot will show you how to get your child to like the Quran in a few simple steps!

Quranic Verses On Child Upbringing 

children reading quran to show how do I get my child to like the Quran

The ultimate obligation of parents should be to educate their children in such a way that they will be successful both in this life and in the hereafter. 

While it is usual for parents to focus on the type of education that would help them establish the proper jobs and make a living in today’s society, Islamic education rarely receives the attention it deserves.

In Islam, parents are responsible for raising their children in accordance with the instructions of the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). According to the Prophet (PBUH):

“Allah SWT will ask every caretaker about the people under his care, and the man will be asked about the people of his household” 

(Nasa’i, Abu Dawud)

So what does the Quran say about raising a child on the love of the Quran and Islam? In the Quran, Allah SWT mentions the need of raising children with an eye on their ultimate destination, as mentioned in the Holy Quran:

“O you who believe! Ward off yourselves and your families against a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who disobey not, (from executing) the commands they receive from Allah, but do that which they are commanded” 

(Surah Tahrim)

The Quran also provides examples of prophets and the righteous emphasizing the necessity of teaching Allah’s rights to their children. As an example, Luqman (PBUH) gave his son the following advice, which Allah SWT mentioned in the Quran:

“And [remember] when Luqmaan said to his son when he was advising him: “O my son! Join not in worship others with Allah. Verily, joining others in worship with Allah is a great wrong indeed”

(Surah Luqman)

How To Introduce Islam To a Kid?

The most effective method to teach our children complicated concepts is to describe these concepts in simple words and immerse our kids in them until they naturally understand and start applying them in their lives. 

So, in order to properly introduce Islam to your child and guarantee that they understand the notion, explain the concept in simpler terms and make these explanations everywhere they go.

Here’s a list of tips that can help you introduce Islam and Allah to your little child.

Immerse Them

When kids understand the notion of The Creator and His religion, they will be able to look around and examine how and why everything was made. That’s when you swoop in with as much intriguing stuff as possible to help them understand.

These materials can include children’s Islamic magazines, Islamic stories, books that help children learn the Quran, Quranic miracle stories, prophets’ stories for children, and cartoons.

Seeing their parents engaged in Islamic teachings while observing their surroundings is also a wonderful approach. It familiarises children with the notion of obeying Allah and avoiding offending Him by following His religion.

Simplify The Concepts

Your children would grasp Allah’s nature better if you begin by informing them that everything around us, including themselves, is created by Allah. They did not emerge from nothingness. They’ll be intrigued as to who could have possibly produced all of these lovely things, which is when you’ll first say “Allah.”

The same goes for Islam concepts. Start by how Allah wanted to give us help by telling us exactly how to live our lives the right way. How Islam wants us to be better humans for ourselves and all the Muslim community around us.

At What Age Do I Teach My Child Quran?

The earlier you start teaching your child the Quran, the better. Three years old is an appropriate age to start teaching your children the Quran.

At this age, you just need to focus on how to introduce Islam to a child in the broadest sense. Your kid just needs to learn about Islam’s teachings and how to apply them in everyday life. As kids become older, they can start learning to read on their own and memorize the Quran.

How To Teach Quran To Beginners?

Your kids of all ages are considered to be beginners. They need to be handled with a specific approach that makes this process easier for them. Coming below is some tested and proven tips on how to teach Quran to beginners:

Start with a Simple Introduction

It is the first and most crucial stage in the entire procedure. You must expose children to Quran learning in a pleasant way, away from homework. Tell them how they’re about to learn something important because they’re not babies anymore.

You can get them excited to learn by choosing a nice location in the house, allowing them to select the best time for them, and getting them eager to spend some time learning something enjoyable and essential at the same time.

Baby Steps Always Win!

Making the process simple for them is also essential in motivating your children to learn the Quran. Breaking it down into easy steps to be followed is important, and that will make your progress more effective.

Take Your Time

When your kid is learning the Quran for the first time, taking things slowly lets them realize they are not being pressured. Instead, they take their time to fully comprehend and learn how to interpret and recite the Quran in a manner appropriate for their age.

Sign Up For Online Quran Classes For Kids

Any Quran course links you with expert teachers and high-quality tools that aid in children’s Quran learning. Quran tutors specialize in teaching the Quran in a simple and age-appropriate way, as well as addressing any errors they may make during their Quran education.

How Do You Teach Quran To 5 Year Old Kids?

Teaching Quran for child when they’re still 5 years old can be a little challenging. It’s difficult to make them do something that isn’t “exciting” while they’re too young, so keep that in mind when choosing a teacher. It is preferable to choose someone who specializes in Quran learning for kids.

The trick is to never stress them to study the Quran. Don’t overburden their schedules, and don’t substitute fun time with studying time. It is far preferable to take gradual steps than to watch children grow up with the Quran associated with force.

When you start teaching the Quran to your 5-year-old children, consider the following steps:

Choose A Qaida Book For Your Child 

Find a nice Qaida book and read it to your child on a regular basis so that he or she grows accustomed to it. To help your child, look for Tajweed rules components that are color-coded.

Use Interactive Learning

Learning nowadays includes movies, games, slideshows, and audiobooks. Choose your child’s preferred way of learning and apply it to the Quran and Islam.

Check If Your Child Can Say All of The Terms Correctly

Help them practice the Quranic terms a few times each word. Move on to the next one only when you feel they have mastered it. Use audio materials if your kids prefer to learn by listening.

Make a Daily Revision

Every day, your kids must read the current lesson (or line) as well as the prior lesson before proceeding to the next line. Start simple by learning just one verse (ayah) per day. This way, they don’t feel stressed.

In addition to this, they should have a weekly revision as well. They must review the most recently studied Quran pages at the conclusion of each week. This ensures that their reading is faster by the time they begin the Quran and that they haven’t forgotten what they’ve been studying all week.

Reward Them 

Every child enjoys receiving rewards and is driven to improve their performance when they receive them on a regular basis. As a result, you make learning the Quran an enjoyable experience for them.  You can’t imagine how this will help their learning process.

How Do I Get My Child To Like The Quran?

Developing a deep interest in the Quran necessitates far more than simply memorizing certain verses or chapters when told to do so. That is why we should make a greater effort to develop a love of the Quran in our children via diverse activities.

When a child develops a love for the Quran, they aspire to repeat it on a regular basis, they want to comprehend what they are reading, and, most importantly, they are fascinated by everything related to the Quran.

Children are usually influenced greatly by their immediate surroundings and their parents. As a result, as their parents, you may use a few ideas in their environment to encourage children to learn the Quran.

Be a Role Model

Children learn best when they are shown what to do rather than being told what to do. Listen to and recite the Quran every day, even if just for a few minutes at a time. Showing your children the importance of the Quran and your passion for it will motivate them to follow in your tracks.

Explain The Meanings of The Quran To Them

Aside from reading the Quran every day, consider the significance of the ayat/surahs. Children are fascinated by what is going on around them. In order to pique their interest in Quran verses, ask them whether they understand them and then explain them to them.

Don’t overload them with details. Just tell them enough to pique their interest and capture their attention. In order for your children to understand and follow along, your delivery style should be appropriate for their age.

Play The Quran Recitation More Often

Play the Quran recitation as much as you can while cleaning, cooking, or simply relaxing. Allow the Quran to soothe newborns who are terrified or crying, and teach toddlers that the Quran never fails to calm them when they are frightened.

Listening makes your children become familiar with the Quran since this will make it simpler for them to read and even memorize it in the future. You don’t need to sit your kids down for hours because their attention span is much shorter than ours.

Don’t limit the audio recitations to simply Juz’ Amma because the aim is to familiarise them with the whole Quran rather than memorize it.

Tell Them About Quran Benefits

You should tell your children about the benefits of the Quran when they are old enough to understand. Take the time to tell them that just by listening to the Quran, we acquire a good deed and that every letter we read from the Quran is also linked with a good deed.

Tell them how the Quran heals our hearts and souls, banishing grief and dread. With this method, they’ll appreciate how the Quran supports them when they’re distressed, and they’ll return to it anytime they need it.

Tell Them Quran Stories

Allah SWT called the Quran “the best stories” delivered to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him):

“O Muhammad, the best of stories in what We have revealed to you of this Quran although you were, before it, among the unaware.”

(Surah Yusuf)

Allah SWT provides us with numerous stories in the Quran, each with a lesson and/or an inspiration. These stories may delight your kids while also instilling important lessons in them. 

You might share and act these stories with your children by reading the children’s books or showing them Islamic animations for kids. Sharing Quranic tales with your children helps them visualize the Quran and expands their understanding. Also, it’s a great way to bond!

Create Family Activities

Make suitable games based on Quranic facts and do activities with the entire family. Making research and creating creative crafts are two examples of hobbies that require everyone’s participation.

Encourage Them To Keep Going

Showing encouragement for what your children are doing will constantly reinforce this habit in the back of their minds.

Smiling, expressing delight, clapping, or any other positive emotion you provide when you observe your children reading or listening to the Quran is an excellent way to encourage them to keep going.

What Is The Easiest Way For Kids to Learn The Quran?

The easiest way to for kids learn the Quran is by taking online Quran classes with experienced tutors. You can sign up with a professional Quran tutor in Muslim Tutor Spot and start learning right away.

You’re free to choose which tutor to hire from our professional team of male and female teachers. Female teachers are ready to educate sisters who find it hard to learn with a male tutor.

But what makes this the simplest option? To mention a few, there are numerous advantages to learning the Quran online:

The Adaptable Pace of Learning

Being a beginner implies you don’t know enough about the topic you’re learning, which means you need to take it easy and learn at an appropriate speed to understand what you’re learning for the first time.

Online Quran classes allow you to learn at your own speed without feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Learning with a Professional Tutor

Remember that when you learn the Quran for the first time, you are laying the groundwork for your faith within your mind. This necessitates working with a professional qualified instructor who can teach you the precise information and explain topics in an appropriate manner.

The Comfortable Distance Learning Environment

This is especially essential for adults who are unable to leave their homes for whatever reason, or for children whose parents wish to educate them from home. Learning from home became more useful during the recent COVID-19 pandemic when leaving the house was a danger that should not be taken.

Flexibility in Learning

By enrolling with a professional Quran tutor, you may choose what you want to study and when you want to learn it. Flexible timetables enable you to take your time learning and reviewing prior lessons before beginning a new one.

Diverse Material Types

You may study the same subject you’re having trouble understanding in a number of ways using online learning. Your expert teachers will select audio, video, and visual resources for you to study with.

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