Are you wondering how to become an online islamic tutor? Do you feel it’s your life’s calling?

Teaching Quran is one of the best things you can do in your life. Besides the satisfying experience itself, you get to have unlimited good deeds (hasanat) bestowed by Allah, the Almighty, who gives great rewards for teaching Islam.

The idea is emphasized by our Glorious Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) as he once said:

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”

(Sahih al-Bukhari)

So, we, Muslims, have the chance to be the best twice; once by learning the Quran, and once by teaching it to other Muslims.

If you want to be among the best by becoming an Islamic tutor online, keep reading to know more about the qualifications needed for being one.

How To Become An Online Islamic Tutor? The Requirements

How To Become An Online Islamic Tutor

The COVID-19 pandemic offered a new understanding of E-learning and proved that anything can be taught online. People who have an area of expertise made use of it by teaching it in an online course as a way of benefitting the community during the pandemic or making extra money.

Many tutors, those who have prior experience in teaching and those who don’t, seek to learn how to take it to the next level and become online tutors. One of the biggest challenges they face whenever they decide to become tutors is the starting point.

There’s a list of qualifications you need to have to secure a job as an online tutor. We have gathered these qualifications for you to take a look at.

Computer Skills

Who would’ve thought that one day, Muslim tutors will need computer skills to get to be tutors? Quran has always been taught in mosques and Islamic centers without the need for anything but the Quran itself.

Today, things have changed. You need good computer skills to be able to interact with your students online. You need to learn how to: 

  • Search the internet
  • produce your content
  • saving and sharing material
  • dealing with E-learning platforms
  • handling online video calls
  • responding to emails and text

Teaching Experience

Most online platforms require prior teaching experience whether online or offline. The reason behind that is to ensure that you can carry out the learning process in an effective way. If you have teaching experience, great! If you don’t, we advise you to take courses on the subject and try to tutor a small group of people first before applying online.

English Skills

Online learning gives people the opportunity to learn from all over the world especially non-Muslim countries that may not have a nearby Islamic center to go to. Mastering the English language will allow you to interact with your English-speaking students effectively.

You need to know the Islamic terms in English and their right pronunciations. If you don’t have good English skills, you should start now by taking an English course to improve your speaking, writing, and reading skills before you become a tutor.

Communication Skills

If you’re already a tutor, this one is guaranteed. However, it’s always good to work on your communication skills and acquire new levels. Online courses are mostly for kids, so you need to know how to communicate with kids and provide the best experience for them.

Remember that you may be changing your students’ lives by the way you teach them. Make sure to leave a good impression and instill the love of Quran learning in them.

Course Subject Knowledge

Muslim tutors should have a good experience in the subject they choose to teach. 

Good knowledge of the subject you’re teaching is essential to guarantee good quality learning for your students. Whether it’s Quran recitation, Tafsir, Quranic Arabic, Quran memorization, Seerah, Hadith, Tajweed, or Islamic studies in general, you need to be knowledgeable on the subject to meet the requirements.

Flexibility And Ability To Adjust

Being an online Islamic tutor means being flexible to workload and schedules. Of course, it depends on the company you’re working for, but most of the time don’t expect to be working for fixed working hours. Students may need mentoring after class or extra classes beyond the course hours.

Being a private tutor requires more flexibility as well. Your working hours are defined by the student who chose you as their private tutor.

Flexibility should also be present in the learning methods, not just the working hours. You’ll meet different people of different ages, some of them will need a more tailored method of learning than the one you usually go by. Be ready to adapt to whatever your students want in order to make it.

Being a Hafiz

Hafiz is someone who memorizes the whole Quran. Being a Hafiz is a great position in the Islamic world as a whole, not just online tutoring. Tutors who have Ijazah are immediately hired for Quran subjects classes if they meet the other conditions of hiring. 

Being a Hafiz really boosts your chances of getting hired as an online Islamic tutor. The reason behind that is how Quran Huffaz can quote the Quran on the spot while teaching it to other people.

As general advice, make sure to revise well before applying or before the interview as you may be asked to recite some of what you memorized.

Education Level

To be honest, your major or education level can be overlooked if you possess real knowledge of the Quran and Islam as well as a good teaching experience. However, graduating from reputable Islamic universities such as Al-Azhar University in Egypt is a huge bonus.


Patience, patience, patience. Being an online tutor can bring some frustration every once in a while, after all, it’s not the traditional teacher-student situation we’re familiar with. 

You can pass this with patience. Patience in dealing with students, dealing with the online platform technicalities, the class hours, and basically everything included in the learning process.

Last advice

Whenever you feel frustrated or disappointed, remember why you wanted to go on this path in the first place. Remember Prophet Muhammad’s words about how being a Quran teacher makes you among the best of Muslims.

Start your teaching journey now with Muslim tutor sport.

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