Learning Quran online can be the best option for you for multiple reasons. It saves time, avoids tight schedules, and uses different methods to make your learning experience a better one. However, in order to make online learning a successful one, you need to pick the best online Quran tutor to suit you.

How can you pick the best out there from many options? Read on to learn how to find the best online quran tutor for you every time, and how you can make the choice easier.

Why Do You Need To Learn Quran Online?

how to find the best online quran tutor

Allah SWT has ordered us to learn the Quran and apply its teachings in our daily lives. It can be hard for some people to do this for various reasons, but thanks to the internet, nothing is now stopping us from obeying Allah’s orders.

“And We have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition?”

(Surah Al Qamar)

Learning Quran online is a convenient option for many people around the world. Those who can’t leave the house, those who don’t have the time to commit to offline courses, those who don’t have a nearby Islamic center, and children.

Here’s a list of benefits that can encourage you to learn the Quran online now:

No Geographical Constraints

You might be living in an area where there isn’t a reliable Quran tutor. You may learn from anybody you choose, wherever they are, with online tutoring. People often seek teachers from Islamic states or individuals who studied the Quran at Al Azhar in Egypt.

Saves Time

This is especially useful for those who drive home back from work for several hours. It may be hard for them to find the time and energy to start driving again to some Islamic center -that can be far away- after coming back home.

You Learn At Your Own Pace

When it comes to the Quran, various people learn at a different pace depending on their age, language, and topic. You’ll feel more at ease with your Online Quran tutor if you choose a suitable pace.

Tons Of Learning Material

Online tutors use digital resources obtained from the internet, and we all know how the internet is a gold mine for a variety of things. Audio, visual, and textual elements that support the overall course objectives are often included in interactive online sessions.

Suitable For All Ages

One of the advantages of online Quran tutoring that you’ll find tutors who deal with any age. It is not just for children. 

High Flexibility

You have full flexibility to pick what works best for you, whether during class or while creating the initial plan with your online tutor, without thinking too much about the preferences of other students as there are none. 

To clear your thoughts and appreciate what you learn, flexibility is essential when studying the Quran.

Huge Variety

Online Quran courses are the best option for acquiring high-quality Quran learning. You will be offered a variety of online Quran topic options from which to choose, and you will be able to select the one you feel is most essential to you or your kids.


One of the incredible advantages of having an online Quran instructor is that they will be there to you whenever you need to ask questions or revise something. Aside from the planned Quran learning sessions, you may contact them at any time to ask follow-up questions.

More Cost-effective 

Online courses are often less costly than traditional classrooms. Payment options, such as paying in installments or per class, are frequently offered. Despite the fact that the monetary investment is lower, the results may be superior to alternative options.

Aside from the actual price of the course, you get to save the money you spend on the commute because you don’t leave your house for the class. You also save the money required for additional learning materials, as they are all included in the course price.

How Does Online Quran Tutoring Work?

Online Quran teaching, like conventional approaches, offers you immediate support in learning the Quran. Instead of going to Islamic centres or institutions, you may study the same information and more from the comfort of your home.

Highly experienced experts deliver Quranic instruction, answer all your questions, and assist you with the appropriate learning methods that can help you learn more effectively and retain what you’ve learned.

Step One

First, you get to pick your tutor based on their profile online where they demonstrate their background and previous experience. Some of these tutors are specialized in one topic, others can teach everything. 

Step Two

You make direct contact with the instructor you chose by scheduling a virtual meeting to discuss the technical aspects of the lessons. You discover more about them, the course you’re about to take, the material, and the results, as well as set the stage for whatever you want to study.

Schedules, class frequency, the specific topic in which you intend to gain knowledge and skills, and the method of teaching used can all be considered. You may ask them any question you want about the procedure, and they will provide thorough answers.

You’re All Set!

Finally, you’ll choose a starting date that suits you and you’ll start your fun learning journey right away.

How to find the best online quran tutor for you?

Online Quran tutors are all great people who are willing to deliver this divine knowledge to someone else in a way that suits them. However, you can’t expect all of them to suit you. 

Luckily, there is a variety of professional tutors out there that you can choose from based on your learning needs.

We realize how important the seeking phase is for certain people, who are looking for certain things in their Quran tutors. Of course, choosing the correct Quran instructor can save you a lot of trouble, thus MuslimTutorSpot provides several pointers for you to consider to find the best online quran tutor for you:


Even though choosing specific gender for online Quran tutors doesn’t really concern some people, it’s the first thing some other people consider when picking a tutor. Some sisters seek to find female Quran tutors because that will make them more comfortable in class.

Ask yourself this question first: “Will I feel comfortable learning with a tutor of this gender?” if yes, great! Go ahead. If not, address the problem and settle down for what makes you more comfortable.


It’s necessary to consider the background of your Quran tutor. Graduating from a credible university such as Al Azhar is a great bonus that ensures that your tutor will deliver the information in the most effective and credible way.

Some Quran tutors don’t necessarily major in Islamic studies, which is fine as long as they write their qualifications that can include post-graduate studies, Islamic extensive courses from a well-known Islamic institution, or even better, having Quran Ijazah. 

Area of Expertise

Depending on what you’re willing to learn, you need to check the tutor’s area of expertise. Most Quran online tutors have experience in all the Quranic aspects and can teach anything related to Quran. 

However, some tutors have special experience in Quran recitation, Quran Tafsir, or Quran Tajweed.

You may also find teachers that specialize just in teaching the Quran to children, with extensive experience dealing with kids and knowing how to go at their pace while benefiting them greatly.


You must check if your tutor can speak the English language at a level that makes communication between both of you if an effective one. Most online Quran tutors can speak both Arabic and English, so this won’t be a problem.


Attitude is one of the most important things that you should consider before settling down for an online tutor, and that’s why it is absolutely critical to get to know your tutor before you begin, especially if you have children. 

To be encouraged to attend the class, your children must first become acquainted with their teacher. Kids Quran instructors are usually nice and encouraging, and they will know how to get your children interested in learning Quran.

Now that you know how to find the best online quran tutor for you, it’s time to check MuslimTutorSpot courses and tutors to choose what suits you to start your Quran learning right away.

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