While women used to learn Islam from learning sessions in the nearest mosques of the Islamic center, today’s world made that so much easier. Women, who are unable to leave the house or too busy to fit a Quran course in their schedule, can now learn Quran online. 

Learning online solved all these problems and brought women from all cultures closer to Allah with the online Quran classes. However, the attempts to make it more convenient for women didn’t stop there, and we now find ads announcing online female Quran tutor jobs.

Having male online Quran teachers is a very good option, but having a female one makes an exceptional option for women for the convenient benefits it brings along. 

Muslimtutorspot would like to walk you through some of these benefits. Read on to know more!

5 Benefits Of Having an Online Female Quran Tutor

an online female quran tutor


With female Quran tutors, you get to enjoy the privacy of e-learning with one-on-one sessions. Privacy allows you to take the class anytime anywhere without feeling restricted to a certain time, dress code, or place.

Faster Bond Creation

Women tend to bond together so fast. Bonding with your teacher is essential for your learning progress and makes the learning experience more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable.

When you bond with your female Quran teacher, you are more comfortable expressing your learning needs, as well as the preferred learning method, and learning pace.

Better Understanding

Female professional tutors do their best to establish a good relationship based on an understanding with their students. Whether the student is a mother, daughter, or grandmother, the female tutor is well-trained to understand the needs and wants of every student no matter what age they’re at.

Helpful Mother Attitude With The Kids

According to many parents’ feedback, female Quran teachers get faster to kids through their mother attitude. They don’t just see her as a teacher who has to teach, mentor, and test them. They see her like a mother who wants to give them something good to learn. That’s why it’s essential to find a female Quran tutor that is capable of doing this.

Avoiding Mixing With Men “Ikhtilat”

There’s a rule in Islam supported by many fatwas that men and women should not be alone together. When men and women are alone, Islam forbids them from freely interacting (known as Ikhtilat).

This restriction is intended to limit such engagement to a minimum. 

Some people think of one-on-one learning sessions as Ikhtilat which stops them from learning Quran online. That’s why the number of female Quran tutors is increasing in order to solve this problem.

If you think you need one of these benefits in your next Quran class, check out the best female Quran tutors on Muslimstutorspot and make your first reservation with one of our professional tutors.

9 Benefits of Learning Quran With An Online Tutor

Learning Quran is obligatory in Islam for both men and women and it’s greatly rewarded in this life and hereafter. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said about one of the rewards of the afterlife:

“One who was devoted to the Quran will be told to recite, ascend and recite carefully as he recited carefully when he was in the world, for he will reach his abode when he comes to the last verse he recites.”


Since the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic, online learning has gained the wide acceptance of lots of people due to how convenient it is. Some people thought that it doesn’t apply to Quran learning, following the traditional way of attending Islamic classes, or heading to Islamic centers.

Well, this was proved wrong. Thousands of people are now learning Quran online without leaving their house with a convenient learning environment they chose for themselves, professional tutors, and tailored methods of learning.

It’s your turn to reflect on some of the benefits of online Quran learning and join a community of thousands of Quran learners. Check out this list:

Learning online is more flexible

The pace, content, frequency, and scheduling of online Quran classes are all flexible and can be adjusted according to your preference. Online courses are more convenient for people who wish to learn in a more flexible setting than offline courses in centers and institutions.

There is a wide variety of classes

Online Quran lessons are the best option for getting high-quality Quran instruction. You will be presented with a number of online Quran topic options from which to choose, and you will be able to select the one you think is most needed.

These classes include Quran Tajweed, Tafsir, Ijazah, recitation, Quran Memorization, and special courses for kids of all ages.

A variety of learning materials

Online instructors use various formats of material found on the internet, and we all know how the internet is a gold mine for diverse resources. Audio, visual, and textual components that aid in the overall course objectives are often included in interactive online sessions. Tutors can even recommend other helpful resources to check outside the class.

Great accessibility

One of the benefits of online Quran courses is that they are available at any time and from any location. The chances of missing a class are so low, as you can attend it from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone while being anywhere. Even if you miss a class, you can reschedule with your tutor to find another convenient time to compensate.

You get to choose your instructors

Offline classes have fixed instructors chosen by the institute the provides the course. Online classes have much more flexibility in this matter. You get to browse, compare, and view different instructors then finally choose who you think suits you best. You can choose them based on their background, area of expertise, and even gender! 

Online Quran learning is not time-consuming

People with tight schedules and full-time jobs often struggle to find time to learn something new by signing up in a course center. Online Quran courses solve that problem. With online professional Quran tutors, you get to learn different aspects of the Quran without leaving the house and according to your own timetable.

Less expensive with more value

Online courses are typically less expensive than offline ones without any chance of a less value. Despite the fact that the monetary investment is lower, the value can be even better than alternative possibilities. There is often a broad range of subscriptions that can suit you, you can pay per class, monthly, or per course. 

 It’s as credible as offline courses

Some people think online classes are not that credible and anyone can instruct them. Despite the fact that they might be right in how anyone can do it, it’s important to pick professional tutors who have a good background in the subject you’re aiming to learn.

Online courses are incredibly helpful and credible, especially those with professional tutors who are well-taught and trained to deal with different age groups and cultures. 

Online courses also give you a certificate of completion after you attend all the classes and pass the test, this certificate is as valid as any certificate you may get from offline courses.

You get to choose the type of course 

Ranging from group courses, one-on-one courses, and tutoring single sessions, you get to choose the type of course that you think works best for you. You’ll find a wide variety of options to pick the best of it.

There you go. All of these benefits are just a click away! Find your muslim tutor here and sign up now.

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