Many parents get concerned when their children reach the age of seven. As they must consider how to teach a child to pray without placing too much pressure on them. Fortunately, there are several methods to teach your kid salah without making it a chore.

Keep reading to know more about these different ways.

What is Salah?

kid praying to show how to teach a child to pray in Islam

Salah is a type of devotion that is the second most important pillar of Islam. It is a five-times-daily obligatory form of prayer prescribed by the Holy Quran and taught to us by the Prophet (PBUH).

The salah links you with Allah SWT through a range of bodily activities like standing, kneeling, prostrating, and sitting. It also involves reading verses from the Holy Quran as well as a variety of duas (supplications).

When Muslims pray, they begin salah by facing the direction of the Kaaba, Allah’s Holy House in Mecca. All of these bodily motions, recitations, and supplications are made to Allah SWT to show humility and obedience.

When Should You Begin Teaching Salah to Children?

According to fiqh, parents should begin teaching their children to pray at the age of seven. And by the age of ten, they should use discipline if required. This is considered a parental obligation (wajib) in Islam.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us about it:

“Teach your children to pray when they are seven years old, and smack them (lightly) if they do not pray when they are 10 years old, and separate them in their beds.”

(Abu Dawud)

In general, parents should encourage and reward their children to pray from an early age. It is made easier, as with many wonderful and moral activities, if the parents pray at home on a regular basis. Because children like to mimic what their parents do.

All preparations come to a stop as puberty begins. For kids, all religious obligations and accountability, in general, begin at puberty. At that moment, all five prayers must be finished on time, as well as other religious obligations like fasting and giving out Zakat.

How To Teach Your Child To Pray?

Many parents inquire about the best method to introduce Salah to their children and how to make it an unconscious part of their everyday life. Allowing a kid to lead a salah, recite the adhan, assist put out prayer mats and clothes, or collect everyone for jamaat prayer are all methods to inspire you as a parent. 

Consider the following techniques for teaching your child to pray Salah as a daily habit:

Start At A Young Age

Although it is not required for children to pray before the age of seven, it is nevertheless advisable to develop a family environment that encourages them to pray when they are younger than seven.

Many people recommend that you wake your kids for Fajr from a young age so that they become accustomed to waking up before sunrise, and that it will be easier for them to adopt this practice when they grow older and all Salah become mandatory for them.

Let Them See You Pray

As a parent, you are the prime example to your kid of what it means to be a Muslim. If you make prayer a priority in your day and do not postpone or skip it, your child will grow up understanding its significance.

Even if you’re not home or you’re all together on a picnic or whatsoever, tell them that being outside is no excuse for missing or postponing Salah. Use their assistance in locating a suitable prayer location and praying in front of them. Always tell them how you have an important appointment with Allah and you shouldn’t be late. 

Make certain that they witness you praying Fajr on time, then other salah when you get home from work, even if you’re exhausted, and so on. Salah will be imprinted on their brains as a vital ritual that must be followed at all costs.

It is important to remember that your child watches and absorbs your actions more than your words, therefore the example you set as a parent is vital. Even though it looks that your children are not following your lead, they are, and it will be retained in their collective memory long after they have grown.

Be Consistent

Although we want our children to enjoy Salah, there will be moments when they are too tired or too lazy to get up for prayers. It is our obligation as parents to ensure that our children pray, especially by the age of 10. To become a habit, you must be consistent at all times.

You must, however, strike a balance between pushing your children to pray and offering gentle, loving reminders. Every case is different, and as a parent, you must find that balance that will inspire them to immediately stop whatever they are doing and perform Salah.

Be Patient

Yes, there are laws for conducting salah, and you must progressively teach your children about salah fiqh. Simply start with the most important rules and progressively add more as they finish the previous phases. 

Be patient, and bear in mind that you want salah to become a habit for your child. To be aware that people may find solace in salah, resulting in a deeper desire to pray. You want your child to understand that salah is a necessity, not optional and that it is an important part of being a true Muslim.

Have compassion for your children and teach them with love and understanding, especially if it is your first time teaching them salah.

Be Positive Towards Salah

In this manner, you’ll be able to transmit to your children a welcome and cheerful attitude about salah. Don’t be sluggish in getting up to pray, and don’t be irritated when you do. Your children will imitate your positive attitude after witnessing it.

This is also crucial while asking children to pray. Approach it with the calmest and patient attitude you can manage.

Use Visuals

Many children will learn more effectively if we make it highly visual. It catches their interest and makes them more eager to use it. 

You can make a homemade prayer planner for your children to use colored pencils to indicate the Salah they prayed. Hang it someplace in the house to serve as a visual reminder to your child of the times of each prayer.

Make this calendar using your creativity and invite them to help you make it to get them enthusiastic about using it after every prayer.

Talk To Them About Allah

Without knowledge of Allah, prayer becomes only a routine or a rite devoid of a spiritual and emotional link to their Lord SWT. always talk to your children from childhood about how Allah created everything and how Allah loves, gifts, and protects them. 

This will instill in them a profound love for Allah. Teach your children Aqidah (Islamic Creed) as they get older to build their feeling of joy and vulnerability as they stand before Allah SWT during their 5 prayers.

Talk To Them About Prophet Muhammad 

It’s important to talk about the Prophet PBUH. As part of your usual daily routine, read stories and discuss his Seerah. As he grows in popularity with them, they will look up to him as a role model and desire to imitate him. They will want to pray as a result of this.

Tell Them About Jannah

Salah and Jannah stories are a fantastic approach to get your children interested in praying. Tell them about how Allah SWT has great things in store for people who pray to win his acceptance. Tell them a lot of stories about the dreamworld of Jannah and what they can see there.

You don’t want your child to link prayer with punishment when you first start teaching salah. Instead, remind your children about Allah’s SWT immense affection for them and how thankful we are to Him for all we have.

Let us know if you found the process intriguing and got excited! You can join our team as an official Islamic online tutor to teach other children all about Salah, Islam, and the Quran.

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