Teaching the Quran online is a job that has many benefits that Muslims who have enough knowledge shouldn’t dismiss. You may teach the Quran without leaving your house, earn money, and receive benefits from Allah SWT.

Keep reading to know more about the techniques and details of teaching the Quran online and how you can make money from it.

Can I Teach the Quran Online? 

quran to show how to teach online quran and earn money

So, can I teach the Quran online? Yes, you can teach the Quran online. Just like any subject else, teachers can teach the Quran recitation, memorization, Tajweed rules, and Tafsir online. It’s done through online platforms that enable video and voice conferencing.

You can meet with your students once or twice a week according to a predetermined schedule. The class typically lasts for an hour. In this hour, you can teach the subject matter you have knowledge in the most.

What Are The Benefits of Teaching The Quran?

The Quran is Allah’s Holy Speech, and Allah’s Speech is superior to human speech, just as the Creator is greater to His creation; hence, learning and teaching are superior to all other good and virtuous actions.

Learning and teaching the Holy Quran is among the noblest acts a Muslim can perform, and they are a major source of honor, respect, and dignity for him both in this life and in the Hereafter.

The Quran Will Never Leave Your Mind

Consider the following scenario: you have learned a Quran chapter (Surah) and are teaching it to your students. The more you teach them, the more you read it to yourself. This helps you revise and never forget what you’ve learned.

The Quran is so easy to forget. In one of his Hadith, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) stated:

“Keep on reciting the Quran, for, by Him in Whose Hand my life is, Qur’an runs away (is forgotten) faster than camels that are released from their tying ropes.” 


It Is an Eternal Charity

There are some activities we can take while we are still living that will provide us with good deeds (hasanat) even after we die. One of these acts is to teach the Quran. It’s as though a Quran instructor is granted a second chance after death. 

According to the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him),

“When a person dies his deeds discontinue, except for three things: Ongoing charity, knowledge which people benefit from, and a righteous son who prays for him.” 


To Be Counted Among The Best

You don’t only make money when you teach the Quran. You receive enormous benefits from Allah SWT, which are more valuable than any money you may earn.

There are numerous narrations that motivate us to learn and teach the Holy Quran, but the one below is perhaps the most well-known among Muslims in general. The third correctly led Caliph, Uthman bin Affan (May Allah Be Pleased With Him), recounted what the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“The best of you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it.” 


You Expose Yourself To Many Points of View

Some of Islam’s most heated debates have occurred between professors and their students. Some of these debates, particularly among prior generations, have taught the rest of us more about Islam. We’ve established numerous schools of thought to assist us in better understanding religion.

One advantage of teaching the Quran is that you may share your knowledge of the Quran with others. Perhaps they perceive a situation differently than you do and you can learn from them, or their viewpoint can teach you what is wrong with yours, and vice versa.

It Increases the Blessings in Your Day

Consider yourself a Quran instructor for a day. You revise the subject before the class, then spend hours during the class teaching Allah SWT’s beautiful words; this will definitely offer remarkable advantages to your routine, which you will realize.

Why Is Online Quran Teaching a Good Option?

We discussed the several advantages of teaching the Quran in general, but what makes teaching the Quran online superior to traditional teaching and tutoring? It is more flexible and pleasant to teach the Quran online.

Flexible Schedules

When you teach the Quran online, you have complete control over your own timetables and lessons. You are not required to commit to schedules that do not match your routine in any way. 

The flexible timings also make it simpler to pursue teaching the Quran as a part-time career in addition to your other commitments.

You Don’t Leave The House

Teaching the Quran online eliminates the need to leave your home, which is a significant benefit for some people. Parents who must work full-time and care for their children are unable to leave the house in the evening to attend a Quran tutoring session.

You don’t even have to endanger your life by leaving the house during the pandemic while simultaneously fulfilling your love of teaching the Quran, reaping the advantages, and earning decent money with a reputable school.

How Much Do Quran Teachers Make? 

So, how much do Quran teachers make? Quran teachers can make up to $50,420 per year in the United States, according to average salaries. Online teachers’ salaries can be slightly less than that. Of course, salaries vary according to where you live and the school you choose to teach in

Is Teaching the Quran For Money Haram?

No, teaching the Quran for money is not haram (forbidden). Accepting payment for your job, no matter how much it is, is totally okay as long as you did not offer to do it for free in the first place

Many teachers desire to get their only reward from Allah SWT by volunteering to do it for free, which is fine. However, they cannot alter their minds once the process has begun, nor can they take any monetary gifts at the end, for doing so would be like selling Allah’s blessings for worldly gain.

How To Become an Online Quran Teacher?

You can become an online Quran teacher by signing up with Muslim Tutor Spot. Be one of many tutors, both with and without past teaching experience, who want to learn how to advance their abilities and become online tutors.

One of the most difficult issues people have while wanting to become teachers is deciding where to begin.

Start by going to Muslim Tutor Spot’s website and clicking on the Become a Tutor tab. Check out the skill criteria and make sure you fulfill them all. If not, spend some time working on yourself before applying.

Then you fill out the tutor application by providing some basic information such as your name, email address, the topic you want to teach, and a brief message about your expertise and enthusiasm, as well as what makes you the best candidate for the position.

Some benefits can assist you in becoming the perfect candidate. This significantly increases your chances of being hired as an online Islamic instructor. These benefits include:

  • Being a native Arabic speaker with a perfect Arabic language.
  • being a Hafiz.
  • possessing Ijazah.
  • Having graduated from an Islamic university such as al Azhar University.
  • Previous expertise in teaching Islamic studies, Quran, and Arabic.

This is because Quran Huffaz and Ijazah holders may quote the Quran while teaching it to others, which is highly useful to Quran students. It helps them memorize the evidence from the actual text of the Quran.

Finally, you wait until one of our staff members contacts you to set up an online meeting with you to discuss further material and do an interview on the issue. You can begin teaching lessons as soon as you are accepted.

A final important note, remember why you selected this path in the first place whenever you are unhappy or dissatisfied. Remember Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) saying that becoming a Quran teacher makes you one of the greatest Muslims.

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