If this is your first time picking an online Islamic school for your kids, you may get a little overwhelmed with the number of choices you can pick from. Say no more! Muslim Tutor Spot will give you a simple guide upon which you can choose a good online Islamic school easily.

What are Islamic Online Schools?

Good Online Islamic School

An online Islamic school is an online system that allows Muslims to learn a variety of Islamic-related topics such as the Quran, Seerah, Islamic studies, and Arabic. You just need a smart device and an internet connection to attend these classes according to the schedule.

Some online schools require people to assess on a regular basis to a learning management system or to use the private tutoring mode, which allows you to use the system only during class times.

A learning management system serves as a virtual portal via which students may study the syllabus, interact with instructors and classmates, contact support services, and access course resources.

Your child will be able to experience the beauty of Islam and the Quran in a good atmosphere if he or she attends the proper Islamic school and is taught by a well-trained instructor. To obtain these benefits, check out MuslimTutorSpot’s courses for kids.

It is totally up to you whether your child learns in a group environment or one-on-one. Most schools give both options so that students can sign up for whichever type makes them feel most at ease while interacting with teachers.

Some children learn best when they have the undivided focus of the instructor, while others need to cooperate with other students to stay motivated to learn.

Your child will study a variety of subjects at an Islam online school. The majority of Islamic online schools provide comprehensive lessons in: 

  • Arabic language basics
  • Quran reading
  • Quran recitation
  • The Quran Tafsir
  • Quran Tajweed
  • Quran memorizing
  • Ijazah
  • Islamic Studies

What Makes A Good Online Islamic School For Kids

How do you know if this school you have just found online is a good one that will genuinely benefit your children and won’t waste your money? Muslim Tutor Spot has a simple guide for you on how to determine whether an online Islamic school is good or bad for your kids.

Being Accredited

Only accredited Islamic online schools should be on your list of choices. When it comes to learning Islam, you must ensure that the manner of instruction as well as the materials utilized are authentic and trustworthy, especially in Quranic classes.

Has Credible Tutors

Tutors provide Islamic schools a lot of legitimacy. Quality Quran learning is ensured by tutors who are well-educated and well-trained. Browse the tutors’ profiles and learn about their backgrounds. It is advantageous if they have graduated from Islamic universities such as Egypt’s Al-Azhar University.

Good Customer Service

Customer service is critical in online learning since it is the sole means to contact the school. You must feel free to ask questions and have a detailed professional answer. You should contact the school especially to evaluate their customer service.

In the evaluation process, ask yourself these questions:

  • Did they respond fast to your questions?
  • Is there any unprofessional behavior in the response?
  • Were they able to provide all of the answers?
  • How pleased were you with the entire experience on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • Are you willing to contact them again if something goes wrong?

Gives Value for Money

Online schooling is generally cheaper than traditional ones. However, you need to evaluate the tuition compared to the material and value perceived. You can find an Islamic online school free of charge which is great, but you also need to evaluate the value perceived in return.

The opposite is also true. If you find an Islamic school that you believe is overpriced, make sure that they provide you with all you need to be pleased with your children’s education.

Offers a Variety of Topics

Make sure they have a variety of topics to teach. Note that some schools specialize in topics like Quran recitation and memorization, whilst others focus on Islamic studies and Quran Tafsir. Choose a top school in that field based on what your children need to study.

You get to pick what your children need to learn based on their age and ability. Children as young as four years old can begin studying Quran recitation, while children as young as seven years old can begin learning Quran memorizing.

You could have taught them some fundamentals at home and want the school to pick up where you left off. That is why, before enrolling your children, you should examine the available levels and subjects. And that’s why good Islamic schools offer a variety of topics to make sure they fit all levels and ages.

Offers a Variety of Class Settings

You know your child better than anybody else, and you know what kinds of interactions work best for their learning style. When looking for an Islamic school online, be sure to look into if they provide one-on-one courses, group sessions, or both.

What Makes Muslim Tutor Spot A Good Online Islamic School?

MuslimTutorSpot is an accredited Islam school that has been in the field for years. Their team of professional tutors delivers the best teaching experience for your kids of all ages. They’re native Arabic speakers who graduated from Al Azhar University and have extensive knowledge in Quranic- and Islamic-related topics.

That is all in addition to high flexibility in topics, schedules, and class settings. You get to be sure that your child will learn in an encouraging environment that won’t stress them or make them think of Quran learning as a burden.

MuslimTutorSpot team of customer service is also available 24/7 to professionally answer your questions and solve any problem you may face in the future. 

How Long Do Islamic Courses Last In Online Schools?

Islamic courses are often timed in hours, with the average Islamic session lasting one hour. The cost is also determined by the number of hours, which is always less than that of traditional schools.

Some schools specify the duration of each course as well as the overall number of learning hours necessary to finish it, but others are more flexible and leave it up to the tutor and parents to select depending on the child’s own pace of learning and retention.

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